If you don’t dance, don’t criticize

Life is too short for TV

First of all, you’ll never get the whole story. If you really wanted it you could always try looking up the ex girlfriend[s], but the truth is, none of them have it either. So if you want an explanation, your not going to get one. This is all you get. This blog called No Safety Net. If you find something you really dislike, consider it fiction [particularly if we’re related somehow]. Otherwise, enjoy my life.

At this point I could leave you hanging, but you caught me on a good night, so here we go, I’ll spill a few beans.

I was born in Vancouver BC. My favourite colour is green. One of the best things that ever happened to me was getting kicked out of high-school. I graduated of course, on time and everything, but i spent a good year or two unconfined to the classroom and wonderfully exposed to real life. Another good thing that happened was when all my worldly goods got stolen during an enterprise in the States. But i wont go into that either.

right now I’m 22. At this exact moment [15/06/10 at 20:06.37, Tuesday] I’m stranded by bad weather in a tiny town called Badger in NL. That’s right outside of Grand Falls-Windsor.

We’re all part of a big picture, am I right? We don’t always see it, but we are.

My 22 years have been fairly full. I’m actually a bit surprised that I’ve made it this far, but there you go.

A few of life’s tricks on or at me have included hunger, homelessness, escape, rebellion, broken bones, exposure to death, vehicle roll-over, falling through ice, world travel, fist-fighting, scotch and water, hunting, power outages, helicopters, canoeing and war. I was even in love once [her name is Ashley] but the relationship had a seizure and died, and later we resurrected it as a friendship.

Social life and harmless [usually] romance also has a big part. There are many beautiful things in life and on of those is looking into the eyes of a girl you’ve just met and feeling as though you’ve known her for a long time.

Here are some key ideas you can know about me. This is not the be all and end all. But you get a picture [not ‘the’ but ‘a’].

Jobs have included but are not limited to:

Soldiering, ski patrolling, line-cooking, bouncing, furniture-moving, landscaping, exterminating, renovating, roofing, framing, siding, dish-washing and demolition.

What else? When I was 16-18 some cops knew me by name, but a list of crimes on a blog might be one of those dumb internet gags that people read about and laugh, kind of like those guys who shot ducks out of season in Saskatchewan and put it on YouTube.

Travel includes excursions in Asia, Europe and N. America. I tend to measure the spread of my wings by bodies of water that I’ve swam in [Gulf of Oman, Baltic, The Med, The Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific [South Japan and the West Coast], The strait of Belle Isle and Lake Louise, to name a few. Also some ice-covered tarns and several vicious rivers.

Various adventurous times have been had on the North and West Coast trails and the Chilcoot Pass, the Yukon river, the Fraser, and roads like the Dempster [which leads to Innuvik] and Top Of The World and Alaska Highways. I’ve slept on the beach in San Diego and tented by the shore at Blanc-Sablon in Northern Quebec. America has been hitchhiked and Japan has been seen from the bullet train. In the gray, pre-dawn light I’ve gone boots-on-the-ground beneath chopper rotors in southern Afghanistan, and during road trips to Tofino I’ve fallen asleep against the cold passenger-side window.

Pet peeves are:

-people who are afraid of everything [sunburns, bugs, cold, change, etc]

-people who walk around with their backpacks wide open.

-gutless non-dancers who criticize those who suck but do it anyways.

I believe:

The clock is ticking. Live your life while you still have it. Too many people out there are completely unaware of their own mortality. They know, but don’t know at the same time, that one day they will die. And as soon as you figure that one out, priorities clarify.

If you want something, like an internet blog for instance, go get it, or make it, whatever.

I like [lots of things]: Wool, adrenaline, dancing, wind

Dislike: Delicate zippers, complainers, Presta valves on bicycle inner-tubes, idealists.

Anyway. I started this blog because I’m on a bike trip across Canada. One adventure ended and another began. But the blog probably wont end with the bike trip.

2 Comments to “If you don’t dance, don’t criticize”

  1. Totally and fully enjoyed this passage writing. I can relate. It was good to have met you coming across from newfoundland to nova scotia. looking forward to more of your adventures. Meanwhile today was my first day back to work after traveling 17,000 miles in 3 months all over North America. Dont let anyone tell you different. IT SUCKED, BIG TIME….

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